Healing Bath Sitz Soak || Postpartum Care || Kinfolk Soap

Healing Bath Sitz Soak || Postpartum Care || Kinfolk Soap

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X 1 Healing Sitz Bath - Tea bag, for Mother's to gently soak in post natural birth. Naturopathically formulated by Kinfolk Soap, to ensure safety and effectiveness.


How to use: Steep tea bag in a cup of boiling water then add to warm, hip deep bath or tub &. Soak & soothe stressed body parts for postpartum care for 20 minutes


Healing Sitz Bath Tea Ingredients : Epsom salts, bicarb of soda, Himalayan salt, calendula, yarrow, rose, chamomile, chrysanthemum, essential oils - rosemary, bergamot, lavender.

Fragrance and colour free


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