Milk Made Nursing Tea Blend || Conscious BeauTEA

Milk Made Nursing Tea Blend || Conscious BeauTEA

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Conscious BeaTEA is the sister biz of The Conscious Beauty Therapist.

Founder Bec, who's all heart, has a strong passion for health, sustainablity, inclusivity and all the things we LOVE about her & her stunning nourishing Tea blends!  


Milk Made Nursing tea blend comes in an eco conscious, plastic free packaging & we encourge the use of our packaging collection service where the jar will be sanitized & re-used. 




Bec created this exact blend when breastfeeding both of her babes for the Galactagogue (lactation encouraging) ingredients!

The benefits she personally experienced were increase in milk production & it eased their reflux. 

In addition, Bitter Fennel seeds ease digestion & stomach cramps.


*Conscious beaTEA blends are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

Consult a health professional before consuming herbal products, particularly when pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications.


Milk Made Nursing Blend: 40g



*Fenugreek Seed, *Bitter Fennel Seed, *Caraway Seed, *Aniseed

*Denotes Certified Organic Ingredients

Caffeine Free


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